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We have put together some commonly
asked questions

How do I get started with AppConnect ?

You can get started by simply signing up if what you want to integrate is already in our pre-built integrations list or else you can simply contact us and we will get your integration built and deployed.

Is AppConnect free to try ?

Yes AppConnect is free to try for 14 days if what you want to integrate is already in our pre-built integrations list but if the integration you want is not already built you can contact us and we will get back to you with a quote.

Do you offer a free trial and do I need to add my credit card ?

For all pre-built connectors we offer a free trial for 14 days.

Will you offer free ongoing support ?

Yes we do offer free ongoing support. We provide support from 9am IST to 12am IST Monday to Friday. We provide support for urgent support cases throughout the week even on weekends.

How secure is my data going to be ?

We encrypt all data at rest and in transit with strong encryption techniques. Plus our infrastructure is hosted at AWS and is behind an advanced commercial web application firewall.

Who is going to be the point of contact for me ?

From the start you will have a dedicated integration manager who will be your point of contact for support for all your integrations you will have with us.

Can you provide some references of your previous customers before getting started with the project ?

Yes for sure, we can provide you references of our existing customers so that you can be double sure that you are with the right company who will get the thing done for you. Also in the meantime you can also check our google reviews & ratings. We frequently ask our customers to rate us on Google. Click on this link to see our Google reviews.

How do you provide support ?

To provide you with the best support experience we add you directly to our company slack organisation and communicate with you directly from there. We also have email support channels if you don’t prefer slack.