Infusionsoft API Integration

Infusionsoft is an E-mail Marketing Company and Sales platform for small businesses. Its APIs enable second and third-party applications to manage contacts, tasks, appointments, and more.Infusionsoft APIs can help you manage and customize everything in CRM.

Benefits of API Integration :
  • Help your organization save time by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Help your organization reduce manual data entry errors.
  • Help your organization to save resources.
  • Help you focus on your core business.
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Introducing API driven automation is not an Expense, it's something that saves your time and helps you increase profits by automating manual data entry tasks

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We have put together some commonly
asked questions

How do I get started with my integration project ?

You can either schedule a free integration consulting zoom meeting with us by clicking here or you can also simply email us at sales@constacloud.com with your requirements and our team will get back to you with a quote asap.

How secure is the integration going to be ?

Our developers uses security best practices while developing the integration for you additionally if you host the integration with us you get the below benefits too.
We store all data at rest in our servers in encrypted form.
We use SSL protocols to encrypt data while in transfer.
Our servers are protected with bank grade firewalls.

What is a "permissive" Open Source license?What is Integration Hosting & do I need it for this integration if yes then do you provide that or I will need to buy it myself ?

Ok so Integration Hosting is very similar to a website hosting where we keep your Integration code in a secured cloud server so that your Integration is functional 24*7*365 & yes all integrations need hosting.
If you want you can host your integration on your own servers but it will be better if you allow us to host it because our servers are specially configured that are best suited for integration hosting, our team of experts monitors servers 24*7*365 & our servers are fully secured by bank grade firewalls. We charge a small monthly fee for hosting.

What are going to be the payment terms ?

Payment terms are quite simple & flexible, we charge 1st half of the decided project fee upfront & 2nd half of the fee amount once the project is completed & delivered to you.

How will I be able to track my project progress ?

Once a project manager is allocated to your project they will be in constant touch with you throughout the project via Email or Zoom calls & will give your weekly updates on your project's progress.

Can you provide some references of your previous customers before getting started with the project ?

Yes for sure, we can provide you references of our existing customers so that you can be double sure that you are with the right company who will get the thing done for you. Also in the mean time you can also check our google reviews & ratings. We frequently ask our customer to rate us on Google. Click on this link to see our Google reviews.

How much will the integration project be going to cost ?

Generally our one time development costs are very low since we already have a pre-built library of 300+ APIs. So the chances are that we have connectors already developed just the cost will be of customizing the connectors as per your requirements.

Will you provide free ongoing support ?

Yes we do provide ongoing support for our softwares via our Ticketing system & typical turnaround times for our support requests are less than 24 hours.

Will I own the source code of the integration ?

Yes you or your organization will be the sole owner of the integration code we develop for you & will have the full copyrights over it.

Who is going to be the point of contact for me ?

We will assign a dedicated project manager for your integration project & he/she will be the point of contact for you from start to finish of your project.

How long will it take to get the project developed ?

The time to turn around your project totally depends on the complexity of integration. But on an average the integration projects we work on gets done within 14-21 business days.


What our users think about our service

Das Team ConstaCloud ist ein ausgezeichneter Profi. Sie haben die Web-App genau so entwickelt, wie ich es mir wünsche. Ich werde weiterhin mit ihnen in neuen Projekten arbeiten. Kommunikatives und seriöses Team. Lieferung pünktlich. Vielen Dank für diese hervorragende Arbeit. 100% empfohlen!
Alberto Fernandez
Netzwerk, USA
This team was a pleasure to work with. They did an excellent job problem solving and rewriting my Ontraport API integration problem. Easy to communicate with and very prompt on deadlines
Jacob Adil
Oneuptrader, US
The work was done quickly and accurately as promised! I was thrilled that my store is finally up and running when others could not figure it out previously. I will definitely use them again!!!!
Cindy Platt
D.F. Resources, US
Team ConstaCloud was able to do everything we required and was happy to make small changes as necessary. Their English is great, which made it very easy to communicate what we required. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for the developers!
Josh Seidman
Medkismet,  Philippines
Fantastic work, great communication and completed quickly. Highly recommended
Scott Thomas
Creativelysquared,  Australia
This team updated with every step along the way of Project. Completed the job on deadline and with precision. Will continue to work with them in the future.
Mike Pooley
Digital Media Specialist, HawaiiLife, Hawaii
ConstaCloud Team was great to work with , they completed the project on time & communicated very promptly throughout the project. I recommend them if you want to get done advanced & high quality projects.
Villas-apartments.rentals,  Saint-Martin
They completed the task successfully, and as per the promised timeline. Were extremely communicative, and professional. Available at all hours. Will definitely work with them again.
Vishal Agrawal
Itsacheckmate, Canada
Shubham and his team are great and I plan to use them for whatever project that comes my way. They communicate extremely well, which is very important when it comes to getting a project done. They're very talented, so whatever you need done they're there to get it done in a timely fashion. Thanks so much for your help!
Tom McKeown
The Media Commission
I have hired lots of people, but ConstaCloud is certaintly one of the best. This team has always delivered the goods, has been great on timelines and following me up when required. Very happy and will certainly be using them again. Very strong candidates on anything API related. Great job!
Pete Line
Brook Recognition
Great experience. Efficient. Timely Follow through. On Point Execution. Will be back for additional projects.
Christian Krohn
Owner PatientClicks
Constacloud has been very professional about this project. They understood the requirements, sent a formal proposal, reacted to change quickly, met deadlines and delivered as expected even when changes were required along the way. Although the project was not complex, they have delivered what was expected at quality and always made sure I was happy with what I got.
Daniel Benor
Product Management executive
This was one of the few developers that didn't just throw out some random price for a job. He took the time to understand what we needed and provided a very thorough bid and followed that up with an abundance of communication during the job.
Daniel Beck
President Beck Tek, LLC
Constacloud completed their work quickly and the results were as we discussed. They communicated effectively and even did extra work not in the contract to help me get the project completed. I would recommend them for work and I will be using them again in the future. Thanks Constacoud!
Joshua Rawe
Owner of Wurawe
Constacloud's team has great skills, and always available to help when needed.
Monique Seager
Head of Client Communications, Elite Inc
Communicated frequently and got the job done.
Jack Tsai
Manager, Analytics & Media Management at Amazon
Great Work. Will recommend Constacloud.
Will Rademeyer
Owner, Mortgage Box
Constacloud team is very professional. The quality of the work is always excellent. They are creative and always understand my requirements.
Alberto Fernandez
Owner, Neetwork.com
Constacloud  was very responsive, understood well the problem and offered a suitable solution.
Adina Faiman
Chief Data Officer
Constacloud updated with every step along the way. Completed the job on deadline and with precision. Will continue to work with them in the future.
Mike Pooley
Digital Media Specialist
Constacloud fixed my sql database and php problem spot on. I'd recommended them, very reliable.
Mohammad Taimur
Profac Consulting
The quality of work and throughout communication has been sort of incredible. This team have been by far the best and most knowledgeable I've worked with. I would recommend them. Your project will come out better than you thought it ever could.
James Michael
Operations Manager, GJ Global Ltd
ConstaCloud Team was great to work with. They completed the project on time & communicated very promptly throughout the project. I recommend them if you want to get done advanced & high-quality projects.
Alain Hebert
Owner, Villas-apartments.rentals.
Constacloud completed the task successfully as per the promised timeline. They were extremely communicative, professional and available at all hours. I will definitely work with them again.
Vishal Agrawal
Founder & CEO / Chief Marketing Officer at ItsACheckmate.com Inc.
Extremely professional and communicative in all aspects. The team always kept the project moving forward, for every roadblock, they found a workaround or solution. Would definitely recommend to anyone, and would be more than happy to work with in the future.
Vivian Spencer
Chief Technology Officer at Creation Agency
Constacloud did an amazing job! Great communication, great work. I will surely hire them again!
James Goldbeck
One of the most pleasant experiences I've had hiring for any projects. Constacloud did exactly what they said they would and delivered on every single milestone on time (which was very important). They are very accessible and easy communication channel made this experience 10 out of 10(A+).
Igor Ivanovskiy
Founder, Mrtoptick
Constacloud team was fantastic to work with. The project was delivered within the hours they quoted us, and the result matched the original vision that we had. They are extremely professional, responding promptly to any questions I had and proactively sending updates throughout the project.
Tony Kennard
Realtor at Van Poole Properties Group
Great communication, stayed within budget and schedule, and quickly addressed any questions and changes needed.
Peter Hunner
Founding Partner, Hunny Retouch
ConstaCloud is great to work with, they provided detailed questions and was able to work with our developers to deliver the exact solution we needed.
Jon Siedlik
Product Manager at SPARK Business Works


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