Welcome to ConstaCloud Automation Services it is your gateway to leveraging cuttingedge technologies for unmatched efficiency and growth. In a world where 50% of work can be automated, we don't just follow trends - we set the standard.

Why Choose ConstaCloud Automation?

Stay Competitive: Automation and AI give businesses a competitive edge, ensuring agility in a dynamic market.
Adapt and Evolve: ConstaCloud's automation solutions keep businesses updated with the latest trends, maintaining their competitiveness.
Empower SMBs: ConstaCloud Automation empowers SMBs to compete effectively with larger companies, optimizing costs and performance in the market.
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The Hidden Costs of Manual Operations

Increased Labor Costs: Manual tasks are costly and time-consuming. Automation reduces expenses by improving efficiency and reducing workforce needs.
Operational Inefficiencies: Manual operations hinder growth opportunities. Automation streamlines processes, cuts costs, and paves the way for consistent growth.
Human Errors: Repetitive tasks increase the likelihood of mistakes, affecting 94% of workers. Automation minimizes errors, enhancing workflow reliability.
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Our Approach to Automation

Free Automation Audit

We do a free audit of your whole system and business processes To find automation opportunities and provide a detailed report.
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Development & Deployment

Upon finding automation opportunities we work with your organization to develop & deploy automation using Specialized automation tools.

Constant Ongoing Support

After deploying automation our team provides constant ongoing support to adapt automation according to your changing business needs.

Why Choose

10+ Years of experience: 10+ Years of experience in Integrations and Business Process Automation
Automation and Integration: In-depth knowledge of Industry Automation and integration tools
Happy Customers: 200+ happy customers in 20+ countries

Client Success Stories

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After conducting a thorough audit for Innerspacewa, we identified a significant efficiency challenge: the client's team was spending a considerable amount of time manually copying data between their ERP CIN7 and HubSpot CRM systems. To address this issue, our team implemented a tailored integration solution, fully automating the data synchronization process between their ERP and CRM. The outcome was remarkable - our solution saved approximately 200 hours of work for the client's administrative team, translating to substantial monthly savings of around $2500. This streamlined approach not only increased efficiency but also demonstrated the cost-effectiveness of our automation solutions.
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Following our audit of POLESAVER, it was evident that their team was handling numerous tasks manually in their ECommerce and Accounting operations. In response, our team swiftly implemented an integration, connecting their E-commerce Marketplace account to their ERP system. The outcome was a marked improvement in the speed and efficiency of their ECommerce processes. This automation not only streamlined operations but also resulted in substantial savings for the client - approximately 300 hours of team effort and a monthly cost reduction ranging between $3.5-4K.
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VIBE Design Group
During our audit for VIBE Design Group, we discovered a manual syncing challenge between their Proposal software, Jetbuilt, and their Project Management (PM) software, Simpro. To address this issue, our team implemented a seamless integration connecting both software systems. This integration efficiently synchronized all job updates from Jetbuilt into Simpro. The results were significant. Not only did this automation save countless hours of manual work for the client's team, but it also led to a reduction in scoping and billing errors. The overall impact translated to substantial monthly savings, amounting to approximately $15,000 to $18,000 for our client. This successful automation not only streamlined their processes but also contributed significantly to their bottom line
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Patient Clicks
During our audit for Patient Clicks, we discovered a significant challenge: their team spent considerable time manually generating internal and external lead reports. To address this, our team implemented an integration connecting their lead generation platform with Google Sheets, fully automating the reporting process. The results were remarkable. This automation not only tackled a long-standing challenge for the client but also significantly reduced human errors. As a result, Patient Clicks now enjoys monthly savings of approximately $8,000 to $10,000.
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Zeta Media
Upon conducting an audit for Zeta Media, we discovered that their sales team was investing a significant amount of time manually distributing leads sourced from various channels. To address this challenge, our team implemented an integration that seamlessly connected all lead sources, automating the distribution process directly to the sales team via WhatsApp. The result was not only the elimination of manual work but also a notable improvement in sales closing rates, thanks to the near real-time distribution of leads. This automation translated to substantial monthly savings, estimated at around $8-10k.
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