Are you geared up for Records Store Day?

So what is Records Store Day?   Records store day is a yearly event that was created by music enthusiasts - fans & record sellers alike who predominantly belong to the records community to unite together. Universal Music's sales manager, [...]

List of useful tools for Discogs Sellers

Discogs a.k.a Discographies is the largest online music database which houses a lot of media for music enthusiasts and collectors to buy & sell. Discogs. As you can see the below infographic, the marketplace is growing at an incredible pace. [...]

Have the best selling experience on Discogs! Learn How Today

Being a Discogs seller, you're well aware of the various perks Discogs Marketplace gives you like the totally free listing of products, the low commission rates of 8% (seller fee) or various other reasons. You’ve already made the best choice [...]

How to get your Facebook App Reviewed Successfully?

After the controversies of personal data leak to 3rd parties Facebook got real serious about the privacy standards as a result it became more difficult for Facebook app developers to get their app approved & get them out for the […]

Why you should have custom fields feature in your SaaS product?

In our day to day work we get lots of opportunity to look into other SaaS platforms when we have to integrate them for our clients or we have to take it as reference for our development. One thing I […]

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