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Client: Vibe Design Groups
Industry: Audiovisual Design and Installation
Key Challenge: Efficiently integrating Jetbuilt's intricate proposal details into Simpro, ensuring accurate data transfer.


Vibe Design Groups, passionate AV innovators, are renowned for their expertise in designing and implementing AV systems across a myriad of spaces — from ballrooms and conference rooms to huddle spaces, auditoriums, and theaters. While serving a spectrum of clients, from large-scale enterprises to local establishments, their commitment has always been unwavering: to revolutionize the audiovisual landscape. To further this endeavor, they sought a seamless transition of their intricate proposals from Jetbuilt to Simpro, aiming to enhance their service management process.

The Challenge

The intricacy of their projects meant that Vibe Design Groups relied heavily on Jetbuilt for the creation of comprehensive proposals. These proposals encompassed minute details, from individual items used to labor charges. The challenge was not just in the creation but in the transition - ensuring these proposals were imported into simPRO as quotes. This was a pivotal step to pave the way for efficient planning and work management.

ConstaCloud's Solution

Enter Constacloud. Leveraging the power of APIs, we seamlessly integrated Simpro with Jetbuilt. This allowed for the automatic push of finalized proposals, along with any subsequent tweaks, straight into Simpro. As a result, the tedious task of manually managing individual item details was eradicated. With the integration in place, Vibe Design Groups could pivot their attention from management intricacies to the actual commencement of the project or job.


The collaboration between Vibe Design Groups and Constacloud marked a transformative phase for the AV experts. With a tailored integration solution, not only did they eliminate operational bottlenecks, but they also reinforced their commitment to delivering top-notch AV solutions. In the end, it was about ensuring that technological innovation aligned with operational efficiency, and together, they achieved just that.

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