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Client: PoleSaver
Industry: Electricity Poles Accessories
Key Challenge: Developing a seamless integration between Cin7 Omni and The Range to automate the process.


Polesaver stands as a global ally for utility companies, offering solutions that prolong the life of wooden utility poles, regardless of the type of wood or preservatives used. They don't just stop at utility poles; Polesaver manufactures and supplies guaranteed post rot protection, ensuring wooden fence and gate posts have extended lifespans.

The Challenge

Upon a thorough audit, it became apparent that Polesaver's e-commerce and accounting operations were primarily manual, resulting in inefficiencies and potential for errors. The lack of integration between their main platform, Cin7 Omni, and their marketplace, The Range, was the crux of the problem.

ConstaCloud's Solution

With a deep understanding of integration needs, Constacloud developed a solution that bridged Cin7 Omni and The Range using their respective APIs. This integration automated the order and shipment processes, which had previously been cumbersome and manual for Polesaver. The results were staggering: approximately 300 hours of manual labor were saved monthly, translating to a financial saving of between $3.5K to $4K per month. The streamlining of their e-commerce operations not only saved significant amounts of time but also greatly improved the overall efficiency of their business.


In the world of e-commerce, automation is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. Constacloud's tailor-made solution for Polesaver is a testament to the transformative power of intelligent integration. Polesaver's operations now stand optimized, ensuring they can focus on their core mission: extending the life of wooden structures globally.

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