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Client: Lafaurie Paris
Industry: Clothing & Fashion
Key Challenge: Development of bespoke features between Shopify and CIN7 to meet Lafaurie Paris's unique e-commerce needs.


Lafaurie Paris, renowned for its stylish menswear, faced a challenge in e-commerce efficiency. They collaborated with Constacloud, to enhance their online retail operations. This partnership, focuses specifically addressing the customization of the Shopify and CIN7 integration by developing the same from scratch to optimize order management, inventory control, and customer service, thereby elevating Lafaurie's operational effectiveness in the digital marketplace.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was the pre-existing connection between CIN7 and Shopify, which, while functional, did not cater to the specific needs of Lafaurie Paris. The brand required a tailored approach to manage orders, refunds, exchanges, and inventory. Understanding and implementing these bespoke requirements demanded a nuanced understanding of Lafaurie's unique operational processes and the integration of these processes into their existing e-commerce platform.

ConstaCloud's Solution

Constacloud developed a custom integration between Shopify and the CIN7 Inventory Management System, specifically tailored to Lafaurie Paris's unique e-commerce requirements. This solution, featuring the ability to split orders based on warehouse locations, streamlined order fulfillment, significantly cutting down on manual labor and time. Additionally, it automated and refined the processes for handling refunds, returns, and exchanges, enhancing operational efficiency.


Operational Improvement: Constacloud's custom integration greatly enhanced the operational efficiency of Lafaurie Paris.
Strategic Impact: This solution not only streamlined operations but also improved the overall customer experience.
Expertise Demonstration: The project showcased Constacloud's ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet specific business needs.

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