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Client: Innerspace
Industry: Furniture / Commercial Interiors
Key Challenge: Seamlessly integrate Hubspot CRM with CIN7, ensuring accurate data synchronization.


InnerSpace, stands as a testament to Australian craftsmanship and dedication. For years, they have been the epitome of excellence in the furniture industry in Australia. As they grew and adapted to the modern digital age, InnerSpace identified a need to streamline their operations. Specifically, they wanted an automated data synchronization solution between their CRM, Hubspot, and their inventory management system, CIN7.

The Challenge

While InnerSpace's owner had a clear vision of what the business needed, they were not a developer. The task of creating a seamless integration between two sophisticated systems was beyond their technical expertise. Finding the right partner company to trust with this task became imperative for them. They needed a solution that was efficient, reliable, and easy to maintain.

ConstaCloud's Solution

Constacloud stepped in to bridge this gap. With our profound knowledge and experience in system integration, we crafted a robust connection between CIN7 & Hubspot CRM. The integration not only facilitated the easy push and pull of Contact data but also ensured the smooth transfer of Quotes between the systems. This allowed InnerSpace to manage their customer relationships and inventory in harmony, without the hassles of manual data entry or the risk of errors.


The integration brought by Constacloud revolutionized InnerSpace's operations. Now, they enjoy a seamless flow of information between their CRM and inventory system. It has not only improved their operational efficiency but also has enhanced their customer relationship management. By trusting in the right partner, InnerSpace was able to focus on what they do best – crafting exquisite furniture – while we ensured their backend processes were running smoothly.

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