Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is DisConnect free to try ?

    DisConnect comes free for a period of 28 days (No credit card required) with complete end to end set up & full demo and customer support. Following which there is a monthly recurring fee charged based on a pay as you grow model.
  • Which E-Commerce sites & POS systems DisConnect integrates with?

    DisConnect integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, Amazon, BigCommerce, and Magento E-Commerce sites. The supported POS systems are SquareUp and Lightspeed POS.
  • Can I sync products from my E-Commerce website or from the POS system to Discogs?

    Yes, we provide a reverse sync feature, where you will get the option to import your products from Ecommerce and POS to Discogs.
  • Can I sync products from my Discogs account to my E-Commerce website or POS system?

    Yes, you can definitely do that, sign up today from here - In case of any questions, please contact us at -
  • Does DisConnect sync all product data including release title, artists, credits, images, videos, etc?

    Yes, we give you an option to choose which data of your listing you want to sync to your connected platforms. To know more about it, please schedule a demo with us from here.
  • Can I add my own images to the listings?

    Yes, DisConnect enables you to show your actual product images while syncing the product to other platforms along with other generic images of Discogs.
  • Can I sync orders & generate shipping labels too with DisConnect?

    Yes, you can definitely sync your orders from the DisConnect platform to any of your Shipment providers, whether it's Shipstation, ShippingEasy, Royal Mail, As we sync your orders to the above mentioned platforms, so that you can easily generate your label without doing a manual data entry of the orders in those platforms.
  • Are Shipment Tracking Emails sent automatically?

    Yes, we give an option to send tracking number and tracking URL automatically via DisConnect, where you also get an option to send any custom message along with the tracking details.
  • Does your app automatically sync all the listings to my site, or we can control which product we want to sync?

    We give an option to control which product you want to sync to your connected platform, you will get all the power in one place.
  • Can I choose what details I want to send to my connected platforms?

    Yes, we give a very detailed field mapping feature to our clients, where they get the option to choose, which detail they want to send to their connected platforms.
  • Do you allow me to edit product details?

    Yes, we give an option to edit the product details, like you can update the images, description, fields and so many other things. To know more about it, please schedule a demo call with us from here.
  • How does your pricing work?

    Our pricing plans are based on the combined monthly orders that you receive from the connected platforms on DisConnect. This pricing scheme makes sure that you are only paying us when you are getting orders. We see this as a win-win situation for our customers & us.

    If you sell other items too on your website which are not related to Discogs the order for those items will not be counted against your Disconnect subscription plan. Only orders which includes atleast one item which is related to Discogs and managed by Disconnect will be counted against your Disconnect subscription plan.

    For Example: You sell T-shirts too along with Vinyl on your website. So if you get a order that contains only T-shirts so that order will not be counted against your Disconnect subscription plan.
  • What are my billing options?

    Both Monthly & Yearly payment options are available. However, if you pay yearly you get a 20% discount on your plan. Also, we accept payments via Credit Cards (Via Stripe) & PayPal.
  • Can I cancel, upgrade or downgrade my subscription any time?

    Yes, you can upgrade and cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Do I need to add my card to get a free trial?

    Absolutely not. We don't require any of your billing details during the trial period. Only should you wish to upgrade, we will require your payment details.
  • How secure is my Data with DisConnect?

    DisConnect fully ensures that your data is safe. For the safety of your data we have deployed a Bank grade security firewall into our server & also your data is fully encrypted while in transition with 256 bit SSL encryption.
  • How frequently do you add new features?

    Being a complete Inventory & Order Management solution for Discogs Sellers, DisConnect strives to improve the user experience of Discogs Sellers to ensure they have no manual intervention. Owing to this, we launch new features every month. Look out for our update logs & our newsletters for more details.
  • What kind of support do you provide?

    DisConnect provides round the clock near real-time support via live chat, screen sharing sessions & scheduled meetings. We value our customers highly & provide them with a quick resolution.
  • How do I connect my eCommerce/POS platform with Disconnect?

    Each platform will require some type of configuration that need to be set in the Disconnect panel to authorize connection between systems. You have two options - Follow the steps described here or schedule a demo with us from here, and we will gladly take care of it for you.