Discogs Shopify Integration

Discogs Shopify Integration

Our Discogs Shopify Integration helps Discogs sellers to sync their listing & orders to Shopify
and also helps to sync inventories across both platforms.

Features that fully automate your business & helps you grow your revenue

Discogs to Shopify Product Sync

Discogs to Shopify Product Sync

Discogs is an online marketplace for music lovers. Whether you're already selling on Discogs, or you're looking forward to starting selling on Discogs, our app Disconnect can sync your products in both directions, that is either from Discogs to your Shopify store or vice versa.

Detailed Field Mapping Rules

Field Mapping Rules

Shopify Field Mapping Rules ensure that all the products sync between the platforms perfectly. We already have prebuilt Shopify Field Mapping Templates that further help you to start quickly & of course, you will be able to customize them as per your requirements.

Category Mapping Rules

Category Mapping Rules

Imagine manually changing the categories of thousands of products, it can take hours. With our Shopify category mapping feature, you can map the products by defining categories and subcategories based on Genre, Style & Format to automate the product syncing to the right categories.

Auto Repricing

Auto Repricing

Same pricing strategy doesn't work for all E-Commerce stores & Marketplaces. You always have to twist them a little to get the best sales possible. Our Discogs Shopify Integration Repricing helps you reprice your products while syncing them to other platforms automatically.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Discogs Shopify integration?

    Discogs Shopify integration allows Discogs sellers to seamlessly synchronize their listings and orders with their Shopify store. It simplifies the process of managing inventory, saving time and reducing errors.
  • How does the integration work?

    The integration works by connecting your Discogs and Shopify stores, enabling automatic sync of product listings and orders. It syncs data such as product titles, descriptions, prices, and stock levels.
  • Can I customize product information in Shopify after syncing from Discogs?

    Absolutely! You have full control to customize your product listings in Shopify even after syncing. The integration ensures that any changes you make are not overwritten during subsequent syncs.
  • Will the integration manage my inventory levels automatically?

    Yes, the integration helps manage your inventory by keeping stock levels consistent between your Discogs and Shopify stores. When a product sells on one platform, it will be automatically updated on the other.
  • How often does the integration sync data between platforms?

    The synchronization process is ongoing and runs continuously. We synchronize approximately 150 products at intervals of 10-15 minutes.
  • Can I try the integration before committing to a subscription?

    Yes, we offer a 28 days free trial period so you can evaluate the integration's features and benefits. You can explore its functionality and ensure it meets your needs before making a decision.
  • Is your Discogs Shopify Integration listed on the Shopify App Store?

    Yes, our Discogs Shopify Integration is listed and available on the Shopify App Store.
  • Is my data secure when using the integration?

    DisConnect fully ensures that your data is safe. For the safety of your data we have deployed a Bank grade security firewall into our server & also your data is fully encrypted while in transition with 256 bit SSL encryption.

What our customers are saying

The program has grown significantly… The program has grown significantly with the developers making regular improvements but the customer service and their timely responses make setting it up incredibly easy. I've never had communication this good selling online with any developer. Thank you!
Derek Dugan
Excellent communication and help Great customer experience and assistance with setup! I look forward to testing the product out!
This is a gamer changer This is a gamer changer , saves me months of work, time and heartache
Bulabeats Records
Excellent App and their Customer Support is Next Level! The solution is perfect and practical for the people who wants to sell on various e-commerce platforms integrating Discogs as their main data source. The customer support and the responsiveness of the Disconnect team is over and above!
Sankalpa Senevirathne
Everything perfect Everything perfect, the software and the technical attention via chat is perfect. The software meets all expectations, it works very well.
Viniloteca Chile
Powerful Time Saver Excellent product and service. Any issues were addressed and resolved. Will be subscribing for the seamless integration between my current Discogs, Shopify, Ebay and Squareup systems. Thank you for making my process so much more efficient.
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