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Would you like to set up your own blogging webpage or wish to make include rich and intuitive business site inside a stipulated spending plan and time?
If your answer is Yes, at that point a WordPress improvement benefit from ConstaCloud Pvt. Ltd. is all that you require!
The requests for custom WordPress Website Development Services has seen a consistent increment, its piece of the overall industry among all substance administration frameworks is near 60 percent. This CMS stage engages the sites that are effectively sensible and easy to understand. WordPress innovation controls more than 26.9% of all sites on the web. Among the blogging stages, it is the essential decision. Custom WordPress improvement organizations are favoured in light of the fact that one can benefit as much as possible from the most recent innovations without feeling the squeeze in a pocket.

Website Maintenance Plan

Why you Should have a Website Maintenance Plan?

Your website is your most hardworking sales agent which still keeps working for you even when you are asleep & brings you clients & opportunities. So it becomes so important that you care for it so that it can bring you great business opportunities. See the below reasons that tell you why proper maintenance is required to make the most out of your website.

Software Updates To Maintain Performance

Technology changes at a very fast speed, so do your website needs to be up to date with latest software/plugins/ code in order to remain efficient, fast loading so that your customer should not bounce off the site when it’s still loading.

Security of Website

Outdated software code becomes vulnerable to hacks & malware attacks. Once a site is hacked Google doesn’t allow its visitors to visit hacked sites as it might be a compromise with its visitor security as well that ultimately leads to the low search rankings of your website & loss of business opportunities.

Website Backup

There can be several unwanted instances like server failure, disk crash or hack that might result in deletion of your website code & database. To avoid that you must have an off-site backup configured in order to make sure even if the existing server gets blown off you have your website data saved somewhere secure into another cloud server.

Uptime monitoring & Lead Capture forms Monitoring

You never know when your website goes down due to some reason because you have other important work to do as well instead of just manually checking your website if it is working or not. So our uptime monitoring tool will monitor your site 24*7*365 & will notify you whenever your site goes down so that you can stay informed & take immediate actions to make it live again.

Features Under Maintenance Plan

  • Website Backup & Restoration
  • Check all inquiry form are working
  • Regular Plugins/Themes updates
  • Website Performance/Speed Checkup & Optimization
  • Website Security Checkup/Scan & Patch
  • Responsiveness Checkup
  • Onsite SEO Health Checkup, Optimization & Google website Ranking Report
  • 24*7*365 Uptime monitoring & Notification if website goes down
  • Broken Links Monitoring & Fixing of broken links
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Will you perform regular backups of my site?

Yes, we will perform regular backups of your site every day including the full database backup as well. The backups are going to be off-site back that means the files will get stored to the cloud storage of your choice so that if anything happens to your existing server your code will be 100% safe on cloud service.

Will you help me to restore my site if any issues happen?

Yes, we will restore the site for free if any issues happen.

What kind of updates will you perform on the site?

We will fix any kind of bugs that come up in the maintenance plan like during the regular maintenance we observed some pages are not responsive we will fix it similarly some pages are broken or not working or contact forms are not working we will fix it. But if you want anything new to be added to the site or if you want to get any existing content/design to be updated it will be chargeable and charges will depend on the amount of time the update is going to take.

Is there any Setup cost involved in this?

It depends if your website was developed by us or by some other developers. If it is developed by us then there will be no setup cost. But if it was developed by any other developer there might be a small setup cost. We charge a one time setup cost if site was developed by some other developer because in that case, we will need to examine the whole code structure of the site & fix if there are any hard code or backward compatibility related issues are there in order to make your site fully flexible & compatible with latest software & plugin upgrades. One time setup cost can be in the range of $50 – $500 depending on the size of update we need to make on the site before starting the maintenance process.

What do you need to get started?

To get started we will need your website’s Administrator access on the email help@constacloud.in & your Cpanel / FTP details.

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