Why you should have custom fields feature in your SaaS product?

In our day to day work we get lots of opportunity to look into other SaaS platforms when we have to integrate them for our clients or we have to take it as reference for our development. One thing I observed that most of the big SaaS platforms have started to have custom fields feature in their platform which is a great thing because it helps their customers in many ways. Lets dive into the deeper details of it & see how you & your SaaS platform can benefit from it.

What is a Custom Field ?

Custom field can be any type of data field that your SaaS platform customer can add to your platform as per their own convenience. These fields will be only displayed to their own account & won’t effect any other customers of your SaaS platform. So basically we can say that they are customer account specific fields. The type of Custom Fields can range from simple text box to multi line text box to drop down boxes.

How it helps your customers ?

Suppose you are offering a cloud based CRM system to your customers. You have all the necessary fields inside the Contact object that a CRM should be having but your customer had a specific need to save the birthday of their client’s spouse so that they can wish her on her special day & make the client feel that they do not only care about him but his whole family. So in that situation if you have the custom fields functionality in your CRM platform your customer can simply create a custom field with the field type Text & give it a label of “Contact’s Spouse Birthday” & save it, which will enable him to save the Birthdays of spouse of all his clients. Not only this Custom Fields can have far more use cases.


Businesses generally needs some level of customization in their software based on their business specific needs. So it’s always good to have small functionality like these implemented into your products that can give you long term benefits.

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