Log every package into Google sheets

Automatically logs new packages received from Masv.io Account to Google sheets.

Automate Folder Creation & Packaged Sync into Dropbox

Automatically creates a new sub-folder for each received package of any Portal and sync the files into Dropbox.

Sync the Zip Files too into Dropbox

Sync the unzipped & zip files to the Dropbox without Manual intervention.


How the Integration Works?

Our Integration save your time and send your packages quicker to the Dropbox along with Log records in Google sheet without Manual Intervention. It makes your MASV conveyance direct-to-cloud.

Create logs in Google sheet with Package full details along with file size

Whenever there is a New Package received in Masv, the same will get logged into the Google Sheet with Package Name, Sender details, File Size, Received Date & time etc.

No Limitation on Packages sync

There is no limits of syncing the received packages to Dropbox. Enjoy Hassle-free automation!

Sync every new Packages under a Folder

The integration sync & store every new package’s file by creating a Subfolder under a specific Masv Folder in Dropbox.

Zip Files get synced to Dropbox too

Sync & store the Zip files of the packages into the Dropbox


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