List of useful tools for Discogs Sellers

Discogs a.k.a Discographies is the largest online music database which houses a lot of media for music enthusiasts and collectors to buy & sell. Discogs. As you can see the below infographic, the marketplace is growing at an incredible pace. As a seller, you definitely have to make the most of it. In order to enhance your selling experience, you will have to leverage the best tools in the market to ensure that you will always have a competitive edge. Here’s a list of handpicked products & a brief summary of their offerings which will guide you on your seller journey.

Nearmint is an inventory management tool used by Discogs Sellers that allows you to auto relist items, bulk upload items, inventory and even their descriptions either by using .CSV files or by using their focussed listing flows. It also allows a seller to edit product details including prices to ensure your stocks aren’t stagnant.

2. DisConnect

DisConnect is a one-stop business integration suite for Discogs Sellers allows which allows you to automate your processes from Discogs across various platforms from online retail stores like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc to e-commerce marketplaces like eBay. DisConnect also supports Integration of Discogs with accounting, shipment & POS platforms.

DisConnect houses a wide range of features that include

To get started, reach out to

3. Discogs Enhancer

Discogs Enhancer lets you block sellers, use a dark theme, see price comparisons, get buyer and seller feedback notifications, convert foreign currencies, search Discogs and other online record shops with any highlighted text, improve tracklist readability, customize lots of Marketplace aspects, and more! Every feature is optional so you can choose only the features you want to use. The software is available as a chrome extension that helps Discogs Sellers & Buyers alike.

4. Discogs Seller Google Spreadsheet

Romain Beauxis, A software engineer has created a Google Spreadsheet that allows Discogs Sellers to List new items, add items to inventory & mark items as sold. It’s free to use & straight forward.

5. Discogs – Catalog, Collect & Shop Music

An official Discogs google play store application that gives you a

way to catalogue your music collection, find your grail, verify pricing, and buy music in the world’s largest discography of physical music. From browsing music & adding to your collection to viewing marketplace pricing & sale history, this proves to be a useful app for Discogs Sellers.

Record Radar allows you to match your Spotify music collection to seller listings – locally or at Discogs stores. As a seller, you can get your personal Record Radar(RR) tag attached to your store. When a visitor scans your RR tag, it automatically matches your record stock with their Spotify collection & will take them to a dedicated page on your store. You can even attach the RR label to your shipments or display them in fairs so users can discover other records.


To summarize, each and every tool listed here has its own purpose. If you are looking to sync Discogs with your own private website you can do that with disConnect. If you’re looking for customer Integrations for Discogs for online retail stores, e-commerce platforms, shipment, accounting, POS or Inventory integrations, you can reach us out for more details on If you’re looking for a free tool, you can check out nearmint or go with the spreadsheet.

Have a splendid day ahead & Happy Selling. And stay safe!


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