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Kogan Woocommerce Integration

Our Kogan Woocommerce integration helps the sellers who want to sell on both the platforms for syncing products, inventory, orders & automate some other manual processes which are very helpful for them to quick & fast their business.
We have so many detailed features that ensure that once you have set up our integration perfectly you won't have to perform anything manually moving forward.

Our Salient Features

Seamless & Automated Product Sync

Seamless & Automated Product Sync

Whether you are already selling on Woocommerce or looking forward to starting selling on Woocommerce, our app can sync your products from Woocommerce to Kogan.
Just connect your Woocommerce store & your sync starts within a few clicks of setup.

Dynamic Customize Product Setting

Dynamic Customize Product Setting

We can create products on Kogan in two ways either you can create a product into Kogan with all its variants or can create a variant product as a separate product into Kogan.
With our app, you can automate this product listing process.

Category Mapping

Category Mapping

If you are syncing products from other platforms to Kogan then it is also necessary to map the correct category & it is a very time consuming task if you do it manually.
By using our category mapping feature, you can do it easily. It will be just a one time process so that your products from your online retail store to Kogan sync with the correct category.

Field mapping

Field mapping

While syncing the products from your online retail store to Kogan you may want to customize the field mapping.
By using our field mapping feature, you can map your online retail stores product field to Kogan so that correct product data gets synced to Kogan. You can map your woocommerce field to Kogan either colour or size.

Auto Repricing

Auto Repricing

It happens most of the time that the same pricing strategy doesn't work for all E-Commerce stores. You always have to tweak them a bit in order to get the best sales possible on specific platforms.
Our Auto Repricing helps you reprice your products while syncing them to other platforms by a percentage or by a fixed amount so you don't have to update them manually.

Order Sync

Order Sync

While receiving orders from Kogan & fulfilling it from a single platform it takes a lot of time to copy the orders you receive from your sales channels to your fulfilment platform.
Our order Integration feature sync order automatically to your connected fulfillment platform. It avoids delays by generating an order automatically on your fulfillment platform whenever there's an order on your Kogan Marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is KoConnect free to try ?

    KoConnect comes free for a period of 7 days with complete end to end set up & full demo and customer support. Following which there is a monthly recurring fee charged based on a pay as you grow model.
  • Do I need to add my card to get a free trial?

    Absolutely not. We don't require any of your billing details during the trial period. Only should you wish to upgrade, we will require your payment details.
  • Why is there a subscription fee instead of a one off solution?

    There is a subscription fee because we host this software on a huge secure cloud server instead of hosting it on your server which can slow down your E-Commerce website. This type of integration softwares needs a high performance server to make sure the data synchronization is smooth & fast between all E-Commerce platforms.

    Our team monitors the server round the clock & makes sure it's up & running all the time smoothly. Also the APIs of all E-Commerce platforms keep changing & updating which if not being properly monitored & updated can break your integration & stop the synchronization of inventory so our team of engineering experts monitors all updates & make sure that the integration is up & running smoothly 24*7 & so does your business.

    The monthly cost of servers & software engineering expenses are ongoing & we charge a minimum monthly fee to just cover those & to provide you a fully managed integration experience where you don't have to worry about scalability, down time or security of your business data.
  • Which E-commerce sites and marketplaces KoConnect integrates with ?

    KoConnect Integrates with e-commerce sites like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce & Magento. And in terms of Marketplaces, we integrate with eBay & Amazon.

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