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Our Discogs – eBay integration features are focused to enable sellers who are already selling on Discogs to setup & start their online shop on eBay by copying their Discogs products to eBay automatically

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Frequently Asked Questions

DisConnect comes free for a period of 7 days with complete end to end set up & full demo and customer support. Following which there is a monthly recurring fee charged based on a pay as you grow model.
Absolutely not. We don't require any of your billing details during the trial period. Only should you wish to upgrade, we will require your payment details.
There is a subscription fee because we host this software on a huge secure cloud server instead of hosting it on your server which can slow down your E-Commerce website. This type of integration softwares needs a high performance server to make sure the data synchronization is smooth & fast between all E-Commerce platforms.

Our team monitors the server round the clock & makes sure it's up & running all the time smoothly. Also the APIs of all E-Commerce platforms keep changing & updating which if not being properly monitored & updated can break your integration & stop the synchronization of inventory so our team of engineering experts monitors all updates & make sure that the integration is up & running smoothly 24*7 & so does your business.

The monthly cost of servers & software engineering expenses are ongoing & we charge a minimum monthly fee to just cover those & to provide you a fully managed integration experience where you don't have to worry about scalability, down time or security of your business data.
DisConnect Integrates with e-commerce sites like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce & Magento. And in terms of Marketplaces, we integrate with eBay & Amazon.
Product Migration involves fetching all your product listings & release data from from one platform(Discogs/E-Commerce sites/Marketplaces) to the other. Due to the huge data loads, a one time migration fee of $100 is applicable for every 10K Products. It's free for the first 10K Products.
Depending on how many products you have on your master inventory platform, it can take around 48-72 hours.
DisConnect fully ensures that your data is safe. For the safety of your data we have deployed a Bank grade security firewall into our server & also your data is fully encrypted while in transition with 256 bit SSL encryption.
Being a complete Inventory & Order Management solution for Discogs Sellers, DisConnect strives to improve the user experience of Discogs Sellers to ensure they have no manual intervention. Owing to this, we launch new features every month. Look out for our update logs & our newsletters for more details.
DisConnect provides round the clock near real-time support via live chat, screen sharing sessions & scheduled meetings. We value our customers highly & provide them with a quick resolution.

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