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Being a Discogs seller, you’re well aware of the various perks Discogs Marketplace gives you like the totally free listing of products, the low commission rates of 8% (seller fee) or various other reasons. You’ve already made the best choice to sell in your marketplace that took great leaps over the years. Just the overall sales of Vinyl was 19% higher in 2019 compared to the preceding year.

Lots of sellers, including you, have taken this opportunity to boom your sales in this organisation. Perfect! You’re definitely on the right path. But what can you do to boost your sales on Discogs? Read more to find out!

Here’s our 5 simple yet highly impactful list of tips that can help you out on your selling journey on Discogs:

  • Know your Product’s Price Point

Placing a product at the most ideal price point will give you the sales you’re looking for.

If your price point is too low: you’re losing out on profits that you could be making

If your price point is too high: you’re obviously not going to make a lot of sales.

Discogs has a great tool to find out the value of a vinyl record. Still not sure on your ideal price point? Simply set it to a higher price & closely monitor & then lower it till you finally reach it.

  • Publish your Marketplace Listing with the RIGHT details

This point seems to be rather straightforward. But if you don’t pay enough attention to the pressings, cover variants, colour variants, etc you could first end up losing a lot of bucks, then potentially end up on the bad side of a lot of people and finally, you could end up being blacklisted by Discogs.

Being meticulous in this by starting with a check on the Album’s UPC could resolve over 70% of any possible queries on which version or others that you might have.

Don’t assume that just because your matrix numbers have a match, it’s the same. Be sure to read up on the notes section, barcodes & other identifiers.

Attention Image: If the version of your record is not present in the Discogs Database, it’s up to you to add it first before you can list it in the Marketplace.

  • Sell and Integrate with famous e-commerce platforms

This is probably the most important step you need to focus on and I’m sure you’re already doing so. If not, now is the time to start. Either way, you probably realise that when you set up your store on Shopify/WooCommerce or other popular marketplaces, the effort is rather tedious and very time consuming because there’s loads of manual work involved coupled with human error.

It’s high time you start selling seamlessly by using a Discogs Integration. A group of developers who are e-commerce enthusiasts have built Integrations just to help sellers across various e-commerce platforms & have done it again for Discogs. Here’s how this Integration would benefit you as a Discogs Seller.

Check out more details about the Discogs Integration here.

  • Be transparent with your Pricing

So we discussed keeping the price points ideal right at the start but it makes no sense if the final billing amount has a hidden element of Shipping included. What will this do? Drastically increase the churn rate of your customers and they’re likely to abandon their shopping cart.

As sellers, it’s in your best interest to project the shipping charges upfront. This would definitely give a positive experience for your customer and you’re more likely to receive a positive review.

This can be achieved by using Discogs’ Automatic Shipping Policy. With the Shipping policy & your shipping method selected in the same, your buyers can see their shipping charges upfront.

Enure you use Discogs suggestions of the median prices for records & price your records accordingly. Price them low, sell more profits. Price them high, get more profits.

  • Provide the best support to your Buyers

Communication plays a major key in customer satisfaction. Vivid, open & prompt communications with your buyers in all stages from queries before the sale, communication of shipment details & feedback to ensure their complete satisfaction will help you grow a long way as a seller.

Ensure your contact forms are enabled. Interactions with buyers will build your reliability & trustworthiness and which will in turn reward you with their positive feedback. While there’s no option to add images, you can always link them to your images on free image hosting websites to add to your seller credibility.

Here are some noteworthy mentions

  • Even though the selling fee of Discogs is 8% , they have an upper threshold limit of $150 dollars. Needless to say you’ll be making bigger returns should your products be more expensive.
  • Take full advantage of the Shipping program that Discogs offers. It is definitely more affordable & competitively priced compared to other e-commerce giants.
  • Be prompt in whatever you do. Customers love “speed” in every context. Be it responding to their messages, issuing an order invoice, sharing shipment details and so on.

Finally, Adhere to your seller guidelines & refrain from listing prohibited products.

Wishing you all the very successful selling journey on Discogs


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