Celebrated Foundation day 2015

Celebrating the success is a very important part of corporate culture. Be it an individual achievement or company’s success, every such celebrations do add value to the employees and organization.

Foundation Day Celebration is one such instance where the stakeholders celebrate the company’s year completion with employees in much anticipated and thrilled events. ConstaCloud has been celebrating its Foundation day year by year to share the success & achievements with the employees.

ConstaCloud was founded on 10th Oct 2013 and since then, every year CEO Shubham Vajpayee ensures that company employees spend a day off from work and celebrate the birthday of the company.

Earlier the celebration use to happen in the office premises but from last years there has been regular outdoor weekend trips planned to celebrate this day. This year the foundation day was celebrated outside Korba where all the arrangements were made pre-time to make the event successful.The grand celebration was planned at a Raipur Hotel Grand Imperia. Plenty of exciting game activities were lined up for us. We arrived at the venue around 10 a.m. Teams were formed by selecting employees in a random order and they were given challenging tasks to be completed in a fixed time frame. Lunch was served in the afternoon. After lunch, the fun activities resumed and continued till 6 p.m. Finally, in the evening, the stage was set for a series of thundering performances from artists. We all gathered in a huge open lawn where arrangements were made for comfortable sitting. Finally, after a power-packed night of dance, music & excellent food, we went to our allotted rooms for a good sleep. It was an incredibly awesome experience for everyone being a part of the grand event. The quality time we had with our colleagues during this Foundation Day celebration will surely be in our memories for long.